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botox azzalure alluzience milano como


Ad hoc muscle neuromodulation

Botox Azzalure is a neuromodulator produced by Clostridium Botulinum which has the property of decreasing muscle contractility. Used by expert hands, it allows to effectively treat mimic or facial expression and wrinkles such as the forehead, glabella, crow's feet.



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botox azzalure nefertiti lift milan como


dr zattoni botox azzalure botulino milano como
botox milano como azzalure

Botox - Azzalure

Less known but always exceptional uses concern wrinkles of the nose, eyelids, gummy smile, and bruxism. It also allows you to lift the breasts and buttocks. A very innovative application is the so-called Nefertiti Lift: the treatment of wrinkles and laxity of the neck and jaw line.


As also found in the latest studies published on PubMed, Galderma's botox Azzalure is the most effective, given the greater amount of bioavailable product present!

The procedure

It is totally painless and usually leaves no visible marks. The duration of the effect is approximately 5-6 months.

botox viso azzalure milano como

The post

The resumption of daily activities is immediate and there are no particular limitations. The only precaution is to avoid manipulating the treated parts or exposing yourself to heat sources for 48 hours.



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Nefertiti Lift dr Luca Zattoni

Nefertiti Lift dr Luca Zattoni

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botox prima e dopo dr luca zattoni

botox prima e dopo dr luca zattoni

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Botox foxy eyes Dr Zattoni

Botox foxy eyes Dr Zattoni

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Botox Azzalure can be performed in the studios of Milan, Cantù (Como) and Vigevano

🇮🇹 Treatment 😷: Botox Azzalure Ipsen ⠀

🎯 Purpose: Wrinkle smoothing / enhancement ⠀

👓 How it works: Botulinum toxin injections ⠀

✏ Note: Individual results may vary

👏🏻 Technique: Micro-drop injection ⠀

💶 Average cost: to be customized during the visit according to needs ⠀

👍🏼 Duration: 4/6 months ⠀

🙇🏼 First visit: € 100 - free if treatment is performed

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