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The liquid facelift

Sculptra is the trade name for polylactic acid, a long-lasting (semi-permanent) filler used to restore the volumes of the face and body. Sculptra allows you to obtain a real liquid face lift, thanks to the massive production of collagen that causes the treatment!

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sculptra milano como dr zattoni lifting liquid
sculptra como milano dr zattoni


Polylactic acid is a biodegradable synthetic polymer, already widely known in medicine, but its applications in the aesthetic field date back to recent years. In fact it has been discovered that the dermal delivery of Sculptra determines a large production of collagen thus causing skin tension effects and improvement of the dermis, without changing the volumes of the face. Usually 3-4 sessions spaced a few months are required to obtain a good correction.

The treatment can be performed in the offices of Milan, Cantù (CO) and Vigevano

The infiltration of the product does not cause pain, and a mild local anesthesia can be associated.

It is indicated in subjects who have had a sagging of the facial profile due to age or weight loss and can be associated with hyaluronic acid fillers.

It is also an excellent restructuring agent for obtaining the so-called "butt lift" that is the lifting of the buttocks in subjects with cellulite or tissue descent.

Results improve over the months and last up to 2 years. Usually 3 sessions are performed (1 per month) and one 4 to 6 month.

sculptra acido polilattico milano como dr zattoni

The procedure

Thanks to the application of anesthetic cream, the filler is totally painless and quick to perform. The results can be appreciated after a few months.

The treatments can be carried out in the Milan and Como offices

sculptra acido polilattico milano como dr zattoni

The post

The resumption of daily activities is immediate and there are no particular limitations. The use of the microcannula minimizes the risk of bruising and swelling, which is very low.


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Sculptra treatment can be performed in the studios of

Milan, Cantù (Como) and Vigevano

🇮🇹 Treatment 😷: Filler Sculptra

🎯 Purpose: Volume restoration / facelift

👓 How it works: Polylactic acid injections

✏ Note: Individual results may vary

👏🏻 Technique: Multi-layer micro-drop injection

😴 Anesthesia: local

👍🏼 Duration: months - years

🙇🏼 First visit: € 100 - free if treatment is performed

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