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prp prf milano como alopecia capelli


The natural healing of body tissues

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma. It is a treatment aiming the regeneration of hair bulbs, the treatment of erectile dysfunction, scars, as well as  arthritis of the joints. In short, it is a treatment that regenerates the tissues at 360 degrees.

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prp prf milan como dr zattoni
prp prf como milano dr zattoni
prp prf como milano dr zattoni

The procedure

The treatment is performed at the clinic with immediate resumption of daily activities! There may be bruises and slight soreness in the first few days, which can be controlled with over-the-counter drugs.

The discomfort is very low and anesthetic cream can be applied to control discomfort.

After the treatment, the patient can return to daily activities with some precautions, such as disinfecting the area well and avoiding exposure to excessive heat for a few days.

The evolution of PRP is called PRF or platelet rich fibrin. This compound contains more than twice platelets and numerous growth factors that allow cell regeneration. Excellent for delicate areas such as dark circles and the back of the hands.


prp prf milano como dr zattoni

The treatment

The procedure is painless and recovery is very quick. Small skin wheals may persist for a few hours and a slight soreness of the area is common

The post

The resumption of daily activities is immediate and there are no particular limitations. It is recommended not to expose yourself to heat sources for a few days



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Attenzione ⚠️ immagini forti: PRP Power 💉#antiaging

Attenzione ⚠️ immagini forti: PRP Power 💉#antiaging

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Il nostro kit per il #PRP approvato da Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano

Il nostro kit per il #PRP approvato da Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano

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The PRP or PRF can be performed in the offices of Milan Vigevano, Cantù (Como)

PRP ⚡️💥⠀

🇮🇹 Treatment: alopecia, scars, rejuvenation.

🎯 Purpose: Intense tissue repair

👓 How it works: Platelet concentrate injections

✏ Note: Individual results may vary ⠀

👏🏻 Technique: Micro-drop injection ⠀

💶 Average cost: to be customized during the visit according to needs (from 350 €) ⠀

👍🏼 Duration: annual

🙇🏼 First visit: € 100 - free if treatment is performed

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