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filler occhiaie dr Luca Zattoni

Tear Through Filler

Hyaluronic acid and face enhancement

The dark circles filler consists in transdermal delivery of a filling substance, commonly hyaluronic acid, to give volume and freshness to critical areas of the face such as dark circles and tear through area.


It is an area for experienced doctors and I have a major case history in this field.

Why trust Dr Zattoni?

Look at the experiences and stories of his patients!

Milan buttock filler with hyaluronic acid


dark circles filler milan with hyaluronic acid


Milan rhinofiller with hyaluronic acid


dottor luca zattoni filler occhiaie acido ialuronico milano como
dottor luca zattoni filler occhiaie acido ialuronico milano como

Tear Through Filler

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar, naturally produced by our body with the aim of hydrating and preserving the elasticity of the tissues. It is commonly used as a filler to volumize and rejuvenate the face and body. I usually give the injection with a microcannula, to minimize the patient's discomfort and prevent the appearance of annoying bruises as well as for greater patient safety. Undereye filler is one of my "must have" treatments. It must be performed by an experienced practitioner in order to avoid any dangerous area. 

This treatment involves filling the tear trough area and also the lateral portion of the orbital rim, in order to give to the eyelid a fresh and tight appearance

The duration of this filler is 12 months circa. Often the tear through correction is very long-lasting, therefore the area the needs adjustment over time is the lateral orbital rim. 

My favorite filler for the treatment of dark circles is Evanthia 15 from Bioformula, which has an unique composition, very specific for this delicate area.


The procedure

Thanks to the application of anesthetic cream, the filler is totally painless and quick to perform. The results can be appreciated immediately!

The treatments can be carried out in the Milan and Como offices

The post

The resumption of daily activities is immediate and there are no particular limitations. The use of the microcannula minimizes the risk of bruising and swelling, which is very low.



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Filler occhiaie dr Luca Zattoni

Filler occhiaie dr Luca Zattoni

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Filler Occhiaie con cannula Dr Luca Zattoni

Filler Occhiaie con cannula Dr Luca Zattoni

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Dr Luca Zattoni AEM

Dr Luca Zattoni AEM

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Filler labbra con cannula

Filler labbra con cannula

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The dark circle filler can be performed in the studios of Milan, Cantù (Como) and Vigevano

🇬🇧 Treatment 😷: Filler for dark circles

🎯 Purpose: Augmentation / enhancement

👓 How it works: Hyaluronic Acid Injections

✏ Note: Individual results may vary ⠀

👏🏻 Technique: Multilayer microdrop injection

😴 Anesthesia: none / local

👍🏼 Duration: several months, depending on the product used

🙇🏼 First visit: €100 - free if treatment is performed

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