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dr luca zattoni milano como

Dr. Luca Zattoni is a cosmetic surgeon specialized in treatments of unparalleled quality. Furthermore he is a speaker at sector lectures and an international trainer.  

He is opinion leader for Brera Medical and Bioformula, companies of excellence in the medical sector, of which he also trains less experienced doctors.

Currently owner of two clinics in Milan and Como, he also works at the Vigevanese Medical Center as first surgeon and assistant to Dr. Garassino, and in Como with Professor Spirito. He has more than 2500 active medical aesthetic interventions and procedures


Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Foundation

dr luca zattoni milano como

About me...

Doctor Luca Zattoni

Graduated in 2018 at Universitas Studiorum Insubriae, immediately passionate about medical surgical procedures for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes, he specialized in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2020 at the prestigious 2nd level Master of the Humanitas University of Milan, coordinated by Professor Klinger.


It is a state-of-the-art plasma system that can rejuvenate the face without performing invasive operations. It uses plasma that ...

The transmission of energy and heat in the tissues has the ability to generate the production of new collagen fibers, for this reason, the endodermal radiofrequency allows to obtain a natural lifting of the tissues ...


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