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Breast augmentation

Additive Mastoplasty

Breast augmentation is the surgery that allows volumetric augmentation of the breasts or the correction of defects. It is one of the most popular interventions, it is minimally invasive and allows a quick post-operative recovery.

protesi mastoplastica seno

Breast Implants

The choice of implants falls on both physical measures and preferential factors of the surgeon. At the end of the consultation, having taken thoracic and anthropometric measurements, it will be known approximately what volume it may be possible to implant. I often ask my patients to trust my aesthetic sense and to leave the final choice to me, which will be made in the operating room by trying out different shapes and models. I always call for caution, because our body can't always bear disproportionate volumes, under penalty of serious consequences on physical health.

My favorite brands are Polytech, Eurosilicone and B-Lite


The procedure

My procedures are conducted with dual plane submuscular technique, which allows the most natural result possible. The implants are neither visible nor palpable.

anestesia sedazione profonda

The post-operative

The patient undergo surgery in deep sedation and he is able to return home the same evening. Pain is low and manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers.


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