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Breast augmentation surgery: news and techniques

The breast plays a central role in both female and male aesthetic psychology. It is a reminder of attractiveness and sensuality

Thanks to cosmetic surgery and prosthetic implants, it is possible to increase breast volume and correct those imperfections present from birth such as tuberous breasts, or breast ptosis in adulthood.

Prosthetic implants are made of silicone and can have a round or anatomical shape. The choice of one over another depends on the surgeon based on the type of surgery to be performed.

mastoplastica additiva milano como protesi silicone
Diverse proiezioni di impianti in silicone

The location of the prostheses may be subglandular or submuscular. The housing plan will be chosen on the basis of the physical characteristics of the patient, in particular the thickness of the skin and the size of the gland play a fundamental role. The best results are generally obtained with the retromuscular position as the prosthesis is hardly palpable and visible and allows the glandular component to be pushed anteriorly in a natural way.

mastoplastica additiva dual plane milano como protesi seno
Impianto retroghiandolare e sottomuscolare

During the first visit, the doctor will collect the patient's physical data, also taking the measurements of the chest and the gland, and thus it will be possible to have a starting idea of which prosthesis can be implanted. Personally I allow at least 3 choices of prosthesis and size that I think could satisfy the patient's requests, in the operating room I will try them all until I find the one that best suits the patient's physical characteristics.

The pre-operative tracing is also drawn, taking care to identify any asymmetries and explain them to the patient.

mastoplastica additiva milano como protesi seno
disegno pre operatorio

Finally, having an idea of the desired breast volume and of the housing plan, it is also evaluated where to place the surgical scar. The areolar entry is perfect for patients who do not want to become pregnant and who want a moderate volume. It allows you to have a virtually invisible scar.

The entrance from the inframammary sulcus is indicated for more substantial volumetric increases or for young patients who wish to become pregnant, so as not to damage the mammary parenchyma.

Healing involves discomfort for about a week, which can be controlled with anti-inflammatories and absolute rest. The stitches are removed after 5-7 days, taking care to cover the scar with steri strips. I generally recommend abstaining from physical activity for at least a month, in particular that which involves the use of the arms and abstention by the partner from manipulations of the breast before at least 1 and a half months have passed. Swelling and bruises remain for about 14 days, the breast will gradually become softer and more natural to the touch until it is completely healed in about 1 year.

mastoplastica additiva milano como protesi seno
Risultato a 30 giorni

mastoplastica additiva milano como

The service life of the implant is long, they can be left without problems for decades. I recommend reoperation only in case of breast rupture or ptosis.

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