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Doctor, is it true that botox plumps?

Let's debunk some myths about botox!

botox dr zattoni azzalure alluzience

First of all, it must be pointed out that botox is not a substance that plumps or creates volume! It is not an HA filler and does not change the volumes of the face! It is the most universally performed procedure and also has the lowest risk of side effects.

Botox is a neuromodulator that acts on the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine by the cells, thus reducing the transmission of the nerve impulse. This results in less muscle contractility which determines the anti-wrinkle effect. It is conveyed through very thin needles to the muscle, where it begins to perform its action after 2-4 days, reaching its maximum action after 15 days.

It does not cause muscle paralysis or other deformities that are often shown or taken for example by TV shows. Indeed on a medical level it is one of the safest procedures ever! Being a medication, it has completely reversible effects after 4-6 months, on the contrary any type of filler has a potentially long-term or permanent effect if used in an inappropriate way.

Botox is the best weapon against the signs of aging that lead to the formation of expression lines or mimics, such as crow's feet or thinker's wrinkles. By selectively relaxing these muscles, very natural and pleasant results can be obtained, which are difficult for the outside observer to notice.

Used at a younger age, it allows to emphasize certain features of the face, such as the look, making it brighter, raise the eyebrow and raise the tip of the nose.

The advice is to perform this therapy a maximum of a couple of times per year to have a very natural result. Repeating treatments too often can lead to a frozen expression or to the formation of antibodies which cause the therapy ineffective.

The toxins used preferentially by Dr Zattoni are Azzalure and Alluzience, both produced by Galderma. The first, universally known, is in freeze-dried form, the second instead is already in liquid form and is the new entry in the Galderma house. The action is similar and these drugs can be used alternately to avoid the formation of antibodies and have a longer duration of effect.

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