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Nose non-surgical modeling technique: the Rinofiller

The rhinofiller consists in conveying hyaluronic inside the nasal structures to model their shape

rinofiller milano como dr zattoni hyaluronic acid
How is this type of surgery performed?

It is an effective and quick procedure to perform, it does not involve particular discomfort for the patient and has very short recovery times.

I usually perform a small anesthesia of the tip of the nose, a very sensitive area, to make the treatment absolutely painless.

The first areas that I treat are the columella and the anterior nasal spine. This allows the tip to be lifted and the nose it's less mobile during the smile. This first phase is performed with a small needle, after letting the anesthetic take effect. After completing this, I model the nasal tip, giving a natural projection.

rinofiller milano como dr zattoni hyaluronic acid
Treatment of the anterior nasal spine

rinofiller milano como dr zattoni hyaluronic acid
Tip and columella treatment

This first phase allows to harmonize the bearing area of the nose, the back will be modeled accordingly, making it as linear as possible. In this second phase I use the microcannula, which makes possible to control the entire nasal dorsul through a single access placed on the tip. All this to minimize the trauma to the tissues and avoid any bruises or swelling.

After shaping the dorsum, the nose is straight and usually no bruising and swelling occur. The patient can safely resume his daily activities without particular restrictions. I recommend not drinking alcohol and smoking for 24 hours to reduce the risk of bruising.

The duration of treatment is approximately 6-12 months depending on the patient. Usually the tip is the area that loses the correction first, so I usually suggest to my patients to do botox after a while. This allows the tip to be lifted in a natural way, without adding more acid, thus avoiding undesirable hypercorrections or swelling.

rinofiller milano como dr zattoni hyaluronic acid
Result 6 months after correction with botox and filler

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