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imperium med 400 dr zattoni milano como

Imperium Med 400

The medical gym

Imperium MED 400 is a family of extremely advanced and performing equipment that acts on tissues at different levels and with different purposes: from fat reduction to real muscle strengthening, to collagen stimulation.

This instrumentation is designed to activate, accelerate and amplify the beneficial effects on human tissues, freeing them from pathological conditions.

imperium med 400 dr zattoni milano como
imperium med 400 dr zattoni como milano


The technology behind Imperium, unique of its kind, is characterized by high power and the possibility of modulating the electromagnetic flux in intensity and frequency, widening its fields and therapeutic modalities. These characteristics make it indispensable for treating pathologies and imperfections of the skin and deep tissues.

Imperium combines the energy of radiofrequency, diathermy (electromagnetic wave) and cavitation in a single medical device, thus allowing to obtain incredible results in a short time. The fields of application are vast: adiposity, cellulite, skin laxity, nerve paresis.

The procedure

The procedure is totally painless and quick to perform. The results can be appreciated after a few sessions and improve in 3-4 weeks!

The treatment can be performed in Milan

imperium med 400 dr zattoni milano

The post

The resumption of daily activities is immediate and there are no particular limitations. It is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun without sun protection. Small bruises and localized swelling may appear.

Imperium MED can be performed in the studios of Milan and Cantù (Como)

🇮🇹 Treatment 😷: Imperium Medical 400

🎯 Purpose: Liposculpture - Muscle strengthening - Cellulite - Face lifting

👓 How it works: Diathermic energy - radiofrequency - infrasound

✏ Note: Individual results may vary

👏🏻 Technique: deep tissue modulation ⠀

😴 Anesthesia: none ⠀

💶 Average cost: to be customized during the visit according to your needs ⠀

🙇🏼 First visit: € 100 - free if treatment is performed

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