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Penis enlargement and lengthening with hyaluronic acid fillers

A safe method for penis volumetric augmentation

penis enlargement enlargement hyaluronic acid filler dr zattoni cantù milano como
Result obtained with 10 filler vials

The requests for genital enlargement treatments are becoming more and more frequent in recent years; since men now believe that aesthetic medicine treatments are popular and they make a conscious use of them. The hyaluronic acid fillers, wisely used, allow to obtain good results, minimizing the risks that would derive from a surgical intervention.

It is an outpatient treatment, lasting about half an hour, performed under anesthesia with cream. The procedure is completely painless and the patient immediately returns to his daily activities, with no particular restrictions, other than to abstain from intercourse for about 5-7 days. In most cases, no bruising occurs, there is a slight swelling for about a week, during which the filler stabilizes. The duration is about 6 months, but with periodic additions it is possible to obtain a good stable result over time.

My personal technique differs from that performed by other professionals, because I use a deep cannula technique: this allows to obtain a good enlargement of the penis and also a certain degree of elongation. The risk of granulomas or palpable subcutaneous accumulations is reduced. The filler is interposed between the corpora cavernosa and the fascia of the Dartos, very deep in relation to the skin; in this way the filler is not visible and the enlargement really affects the penis and not just the skin as it previously happened. The quality and hardness of the erection is not modified by the filler, on the contrary it becomes more full-bodied.

penis enlargement enlargement hyaluronic acid filler dr zattoni cantù milano como
Execution of 5 vials of filler for enlargement

The filler also helps in cases where premature ejaculation occurs, in fact the reduction of sensitivity allows greater control and a longer duration of intercourse. In this case we mainly intervene on the crown of the glans, where the sensitive endings are concentrated, the injection of hyaluronic acid allows an enlargement of the glans and a reduction of the overall sensitivity. By intervening only on the rod, the sensitivity remains almost unchanged.

It is advisable to rely on a doctor expert in this technique, since superficial subcutaneous or needle injections expose to great risks: from the formation of granulomas (frequent) to intravascular injection (rare) which can compromise the functionality of the organ. To minimize the risks, I usually perform only 5 ampoules during the first session to test the patient's response, after a month we proceed with a further 5 ampoules. To obtain a good stable result, the procedure can be repeated after about 6 months.

At the end of the session, the patient can safely resume daily activities, taking care to periodically perform a massage. The penis is completely anesthetized at the end, so it is important to take care not to squeeze it in your pants! Usually no bruising occurs, a slight swelling occurs lasting about 7 days, the stabilization period of the filler. In the first 5-7 days it is a good idea not to have sexual intercourse.

For more information do not hesitate to contact! 351 693 6538

penis enlargement enlargement hyaluronic acid filler dr zattoni cantù milano como
end of the second session of 5 ampoules

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